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Can SWTOR Saviour Really Level You To 50 Fast With Any Class?

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Welcome to my complete review of SWTOR Saviour…

First up let us have a look at where the guide can help you in the game. If you have just picked up a copy of Star Wars The Old Republic then you will know how long it takes to level up to 50!

Part of this is down to the way the game is structured, you have long cut scenes and a different storyline for each of the 8 playable classes in the game.

Then of course you have to bear in mind that those 8 classes will contain 2 advanced classes that you get to pick when you are level 10. So for instance if you are playing as a Sith Inquisitor at level 10 you will have to choose whether to be a commander of the force and go Sorcerer or if you fancy your hand with a double-bladed lightsaber you can go Assassin.

You have also got the other classes that split into two at level 10 and you should know your class because your set up in the game so far as builds and gear will be paramount if you want to level fast and dominate PVP…

So back to SWTOR Saviour – is it the best guide out there to help you not JUST level but DOMINATE with your chosen class?

Simply answer is YES!

We have tested this product and it gets a whopping 10 out of 10 from us!

The main reason is because of the daily updates, the comprehensive guides, the step by step leveling and the awesome builds for all aspects of the game!

Then when you throw in the fact that you have for a complete GTN and credit guide you have the ULTIMATE resource for SWTOR!




Features Of SWTOR Savior Guide:


SWTOR Leveling Guide

The reason why we liked this SWTOR guide the best is because it gives you a complete leveling guide to level 50 for all classes!

You get full waypoints and you even have co-ords linked so you know where you are, and where you should be heading at any given point in the game...

As well as this there is a forum in the backend of the guide with updated info every day...




SWTOR Class Guides

Also included with the SWTOR Savior guide is a complete set of guides for all classes in the game.

You get a full guide for all 8 classes and that includes all 16 advanced classes as well.

This helps make sure that you have the best builds and can level faster with PVE builds, or dominate the warzones with PVP builds...



SWTOR Credit Guides

As well as making sure you can level fast and have the best build set up you will need to know how to use the GTN (Global Trade Network).

The tips within SWTOR Savior are worth the entire price of the guide!

The SWTOR Savior guide tells you how to get the best gear, equipment and weapons for the GTN early in the game and also how you can dominate and earn a HUGE amount of credits fast!



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